Thing #2 – “Caregiving is different than having another child”

Last week we talked about Thing #1 from the blog entitled “Six things no one told us about being a caregiver” by Ruth at “Living Well”. Please forgive me for not giving her credit and sharing the link. Ruth’s mother-in-law had the beginnings of Alzheimer’s Disease when Ruth agreed to bring her into her homeContinue reading “Thing #2 – “Caregiving is different than having another child””

Thing #1

This week I found a blog about caregiving with this title, “Six things no one told us about caregiving.” The blog was written by a lady who took her mother-in-law into her home to care for her. Her mother-in-law had early Alzheimer’s disease which progressed rapidly, and she eventually passed away.   Even though she didn’tContinue reading “Thing #1”


Suzy Kassem said that “Fear kills more dreams than failure ever will”. When I read this quote in a blog recently, I thought about fear that might accompany Parkinson’s Disease. Both the person with the disease and the caregiver have fears. From   “ fear is a distressing emotion aroused by impending danger, evil, pain,Continue reading “Fear”

A Visit to the Doctor

Why do Parkinson’s patients act differently at the doctor’s office, than they do at home? We have talked about this at our Caregivers’ Support group, and it seems to be a common occurrence. I discovered a blog post recently that addresses the issue. Here is an excerpt: Caregiver: My husband has frequent and problematic freezing atContinue reading “A Visit to the Doctor”