Holidays, Stress, and the PD Patient

Too many people. Too much rushing around. Too many choices. Too much traveling. Out of my regular routine. Out of my regular surroundings. Out of my comfort zone. Stress comes in many shapes and sizes, but we all have it. For people with Parkinson’s disease (PD), stress can bring on or worsen their symptoms. AddedContinue reading “Holidays, Stress, and the PD Patient”

What’s your Perspective?

At this time of year, like no other, we are admonished to view our situation from multiple perspectives. PAST One person will say, “Look back over your life!” And indeed, we do. As we unpack holiday decorations, we cannot help but look back on those made by our children when they were small, even ifContinue reading “What’s your Perspective?”

Gift Ideas for Parkinson’s Patients

Holidays are exciting, wonderful, joyous, and yet sometimes they can be downright difficult. Among the difficult parts might be choosing the right gift for someone with Parkinson’s. These thoughts go through my mind when choosing a gift for my husband: will he even use it? Will he be offended that I got him something soContinue reading “Gift Ideas for Parkinson’s Patients”

The Many Faces of Caregiving

Just as is true in most occupations, the job of caregiving has many faces. Think about throwing the dice. Each time you throw, a face appears with a number. So it is that with each new event in our daily life as caregivers, we may need a different face, depending on the event. Spouse/Partner isContinue reading “The Many Faces of Caregiving”