Death – A Part of Life

Death is part of life. It is organic. It is natural. If we can live with this attitude, it reduces fear and anxiety about the future. This mindset makes discussions about death feel so casual and so normal, rising out of a natural conversational flow and including less emotional hysteria. When our children were young,Continue reading “Death – A Part of Life”

Exercise and Singing

I truly enjoy my email subscription to and the varied articles they send me. Some articles are highly technical, some are practical, and some are personal. So, I comb through them for things to share with you. A recent article was about exercise, especially its benefits to all stages of persons with Parkinson’s Disease.Continue reading “Exercise and Singing”

We All Need a Little Support

If this is your first time reading my blog, please stop and read the very first one, “The Journey Begins,” which will explain why I began this adventure. I don’t write for fame or for profit, but to encourage and support those who care for someone with Parkinson’s Disease. If I was not a female,Continue reading “We All Need a Little Support”