Caregiver Burnout – and what to do about it

Tired of caregiving? Overwhelmed by too much to do? You might be burned out! Here are some signs for those of us who aren’t sure if we’re there yet. No matter how long you have been caring for someone with a debilitating or degenerative disease like Parkinson’s, you might be feeling burned out. This canContinue reading “Caregiver Burnout – and what to do about it”

Always in the News

Parkinson’s Disease Is Always in the News! Have they discovered a cure? Have they developed a preventative drug? It is likely that a story like that would have been big news if that were indeed true. But today’s title is certainly true – Parkinson’s Disease is always in the news. Should we believe everything weContinue reading “Always in the News”

The Art of Giving

June is a big celebration month in our family beginning with birthdays on the 3rd, then 5th, 6th, and the 28th, and with Father’s Day and an anniversary thrown into the mix. Two of these are occasions for gifts for my hubby who has Parkinson’s Disease. What do we give someone with Parkinson’s, no matterContinue reading “The Art of Giving”

Dementia and Parkinson’s Disease

What would you say if your spouse asked you this question, “Do you think I have dementia?” How would you respond? Would you be truthful? Would you sugar-coat your answer? My answer was this, “I see some signs of it, Honey, do you?” And he reluctantly agreed with me. That was our most recent conversationContinue reading “Dementia and Parkinson’s Disease”