Past, Present, and Future – Part Two

Last week I wrote about the past, and how we need to put it behind us, both the good and the bad. It’s done. Over. Time to move on. Today let’s talk about the future, about plans, dreams, hopes, and aspirations. These are good things to have, good thoughts to get us through dark days.Continue reading “Past, Present, and Future – Part Two”

Past, Present and Future – Part One

These three are ever with us. We think about our past, we live in the present, and we dream about or dread the future. It is part of our DNA as humans.   But today I’m not writing for just ANY human. I’m writing for you, my wonderful readers. Some of you have a spouseContinue reading “Past, Present and Future – Part One”

Lights – Kitchens – Medications

Let’s get down to where we live today. It’s time to be very practical. There are 2 reasons that Parkinson’s patients may have double vision or difficulty seeing. The muscles in their eyes grow weaker, and this disease affects the brain which controls the eyes. However, many of us have difficulty with our eyes asContinue reading “Lights – Kitchens – Medications”

Reminding Versus Nagging

When interacting with someone who is forgetful, or someone who doesn’t remember to do routine tasks, it is natural to remind them. Do you agree? And in caring for our spouse or loved one with Parkinson’s Disease, this happens often, whether or not there are signs of dementia. Parkinson’s patients do one thing at aContinue reading “Reminding Versus Nagging”