Giving Thanks, No Matter What

With Thanksgiving only 2 days behind us, I am determined to be thankful today even though I got very little sleep last night, there are dark clouds moving quickly overhead, and I haven’t purchased even one Christmas present yet! I am thankful for life, for a comfortable home, for a loving family and friends whoContinue reading “Giving Thanks, No Matter What”

How to Call 911

I can see you smiling. Shouldn’t the title be “Why to call 911” or “When to call 911”? Probably, but this title got your attention, didn’t it? If you have read my blog for any length of time, you know my goal is to support and encourage those who care for someone with Parkinson’s Disease.Continue reading “How to Call 911”

The Ideal Care Team

Even though today’s blog is a wish list, my goal is always to support and encourage you who care for someone with Parkinson’s Disease or any other illness or condition. The inspiration for this blog comes from a recent issue of “The Fox Focus – Living with Parkinson’s”, the Fall/Winter 2019 edition, published by theContinue reading “The Ideal Care Team”

The Fondue Pot Theorem

Being a teacher of mathematics in my former life, I was delighted to read an article this week that included a theorem! After all, teaching Geometry for many years included teaching deductive reasoning using theorems discovered by mathematicians down through the ages, so I was in familiar territory. But this theorem is about real life,Continue reading “The Fondue Pot Theorem”

Things I Learned This Week

Have you ever sat through a workshop or lecture and come away with a mountain of information, needing time to process it all, yet having to jump into reality right away? And then the next day going to a different workshop or lecture, only to find out MORE information, yet not really having time toContinue reading “Things I Learned This Week”