Advice for the Newly Diagnosed

The purpose of this blog is to encourage and support those who care for someone else, specifically those with Parkinson’s Disease. If this is your first visit, please read “The Journey Begins” to understand more about my situation. After you have cared for someone for a long time, it is easy to become jaded. ToContinue reading “Advice for the Newly Diagnosed”

Always Learning Something New

We are nearly 2 weeks post-hospital, and we are making slow progress. My estimation is that we lost 6 months while being in the hospital for 5 days. We may not get back to hubby’s pre-hospital condition. However, I am not discouraged. Life happens. Instead, I want to encourage you and support you in whateverContinue reading “Always Learning Something New”

Details on our Hospital Stay

While a trip to the hospital is difficult for everyone involved, it is exponentially difficult for someone with Parkinson’s Disease. It is even more difficult if that person has any stage of dementia. All of that describes my husband. We are beginning our 21st year with PD, and we have moved into the final stageContinue reading “Details on our Hospital Stay”

Words Matter

As adults, we understand that what we say is important, and our choice of words can make a difference. As the caregiver to my husband who has Parkinson’s Disease, sometimes I don’t know how to reply to comments people make about him, but I am learning! When meeting someone for the first time, or theContinue reading “Words Matter”