This is Why I Blog

Exactly two years ago I began this blog with the encouragement of an amazing group of friends, the Parkinson’s Support Group in a town near me. I want to encourage everyone who is a caregiver, just like they encourage me. Every month when I go to our caregiver meeting, I come away with a feelingContinue reading “This is Why I Blog”

We are Advocates

When we care for someone, we have their best interest at heart. We want to see them function at their fullest, we want to see them comfortable, and we want them to be as content and happy as possible. It is what we do. We are caregivers. Those are our main objectives, just as theContinue reading “We are Advocates”

Happy 100th Post!

I don’t really live by the numbers. I don’t count calories, count steps per day, notice the number of “likes” a certain post gets, or even go into a depression when no one comments on a particular blog post. But when I saw the number ONE HUNDRED, I had to celebrate! I didn’t really haveContinue reading “Happy 100th Post!”

Living Minute by Minute

Here is a question I am asked often: “How are you all doing?” As a caregiver to my husband who has had Parkinson’s Disease for 20+ years, that question is difficult to answer. I want to reply with my own questions: “Do you mean right this minute? Do you mean overall?” My answer right nowContinue reading “Living Minute by Minute”