My Week of Adventures

What a great week this has been! If you are reading my blog for the first time today, please stop and read last week’s post first. I have been needing some adventure in my life, and this was the week I dedicated to finding some! Before I enumerate my activities, let me tell you whatContinue reading “My Week of Adventures”

An Adventure a Day Keeps the Monotony Away!

How was your day yesterday? Think back. What did you do? Did you have any fun time? Any “me time”? Is it hard to remember anything other than caregiving? Some days seem to be 99% routine. Don’t get me wrong. Routines are great. They are necessary for some of us. Is your morning routine anythingContinue reading “An Adventure a Day Keeps the Monotony Away!”

The Word of the Day is “S L O W”

This morning I am reminding myself, as well as you dear readers, that the mission of my blog is to encourage and support those who care for a loved one with Parkinson’s Disease, or any other chronic or degenerative disease. But at first, this blog may sound like a rant. Or like I am complaining.Continue reading “The Word of the Day is “S L O W””

Living on an Island

I have always wondered what it would be like to live on an island – the kind where the only access was a ferry. Maybe this would be a private island whose only structure was my house. Whatever I wanted in terms of supplies would have to be carried in on the ferry. And ifContinue reading “Living on an Island”

All About the Bathroom

Some might say that cleaning the bathroom is the same as cleaning every other room in the house. It must be done periodically, so we just do it. Right? But for a caregiver, cleaning up the bathroom takes on a whole different meaning, especially as our loved one becomes more dependent. This fact caused theContinue reading “All About the Bathroom”