My Word for 2021

As a retired teacher, I remember fondly the start of each new school year. It was always exciting to get new notebooks, new lesson plans, new ideas to implement, and decorate my classroom with new charts and pictures of what I hoped to accomplish that year. That’s how I feel about a new year. I’mContinue reading “My Word for 2021”

Finishing 2020

If I keep to my regular schedule, the next blog post I write will be on the day after Christmas. Here is the list of possible topics if I want to write about Christmas today: What if this is my last Christmas? What if this is hubby’s last Christmas? What does Christmas mean to me?Continue reading “Finishing 2020”

Keep Making Memories

Sometimes I get lost in my own thoughts while analyzing life. Sometimes I get bogged down under the weight of making all the decisions in our household. And sometimes the way ahead does not seem clear. At those times I also go back to what I know to be true. Regarding this blog, I keepContinue reading “Keep Making Memories”

Is Thanksgiving Over?

As the fall decorations came down last night, I noticed that many of them said “Give Thanks”, or “Happy Thanksgiving”, even though they have been up since early October. I love this time of year when the leaves change, and we remember to give thanks to God who made us. Looking back at previous blogContinue reading “Is Thanksgiving Over?”