Hallucinations and Delusions

“More than 50% of those taking carbidopa-levodopa may experience psychosis“ according to Stanford Medical School. We can officially declare that we are in that 50%. It is not a pretty place to be. It is not comfortable for this caregiver, nor is it comfortable for my husband. In our 48 years of marriage, I haveContinue reading “Hallucinations and Delusions”

Five Minute Friday – ENABLE

My heart overflows with thanks today that God has ENABLED me this past week to accomplish 2 very different and important tasks (as well as the innumerable little things that make up caregiving). The first was a medication disaster averted! Someone (who shall remain nameless) prescribed a drug for my husband, and when they announcedContinue reading “Five Minute Friday – ENABLE”

TRAUMA – Part Two

Thank you to those of you who commented on last week’s post. You gave me some great ideas and reminded me of other things I wanted to mention about trauma. First – your trauma is not exactly the same as my trauma, just as your situation is not exactly the same as mine. We mayContinue reading “TRAUMA – Part Two”

Five Minute Friday #2 – OBSERVANT

As a caregiver to my husband with advanced Parkinson’s Disease, I must be observant to every little change in his condition. Something small left unchecked can grow into something serious. So, being observant is part of my everyday routine surrounding his body and personal care. But what about his spirit? What about his emotional andContinue reading “Five Minute Friday #2 – OBSERVANT”

Five Minute Friday – something new

Today is a test case to try something new. I have been challenged to write for 5 minutes each Friday by using a prompt from a website called “Five Minute Friday”. This will not replace our regular weekend Parkinson’s support post, but this will be an addition. One more important thing to note is thatContinue reading “Five Minute Friday – something new”

Life is Like a Bowl of Problems

There are few things certain in this life. Some say “death and taxes.” I believe there is one more to add – problems. As an adult we quickly learn that life seldom goes smoothly or as planned. When living with someone with a chronic disease, life can seem like one problem after another. We quicklyContinue reading “Life is Like a Bowl of Problems”