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Five Minute Friday – ENABLE

My heart overflows with thanks today that God has ENABLED me this past week to accomplish 2 very different and important tasks (as well as the innumerable little things that make up caregiving).

The first was a medication disaster averted! Someone (who shall remain nameless) prescribed a drug for my husband, and when they announced it, something in my spirit immediately shook me. I believe God enabled me to realize that drug would be a disaster for hubby. So, like most of us do these days, I GOOGLED the drug and realized it was not right for us. I contacted our PCP who responded with this: “DO NOT give him that drug. Call your neurologist for a better option. But DO NOT give him that!” So I contacted the neurologist who said, “DO NOT give him that drug. It could cause irreversible damage to someone with Parkinson’s.”

I believe it was God who enabled me to have the knowledge and courage to realize there was something wrong with this scenario, and to do something about it. Thanks be to God.

The second instance was when a dear friend needed help with life around her house. She was lonely, confused, depressed, and needed me, but I could not go. She lives in another state. But God enabled me to find someone who CAN go. Someone who CAN help. And God enabled me to provide that for my dear friend.

God enables us to have the courage needed to prevent some things from happening and to cause other things to happen. God gives us what we need. Thanks be to GOD!



I'm a retired mathematics teacher, wife, mother, and grandmother. My new job is caregiver to my husband.

32 thoughts on “Five Minute Friday – ENABLE

  1. I’m so glad that God enabled you to avert medical disaster on behalf of your husband and to minister to a dear friend. He knows when you rise up and sit down and is intimately acquainted with all your ways. (FMF #16)

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  2. Yes! Miracles still happen every day as we stay close to the Lord. And yes, He will make alarm bells go off if we’re willing to heed them. Thank you for sharing. This builds our faith! (So needed right now.)

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      1. I can well imagine! That was a close call. I’m afraid too many doctors don’t carefully look into the meds they prescribe. And that’s a real shame as it can have dire consequences! Thankfully our Great Physician looks out for us!!

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  3. Yep — It is a constant activity. What will happen if she takes that? A few years back our regular family doctor prescribed a blood pressure reduction med. That’s when I learned quickly how to recognize and what to do if she faints. She has orthostatic hypotension due to the PD. I suppose that’s when I started paying closer attention and attempted to avert or at least mitigate disaster. She does not take BP reducing meds any longer.

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  4. Enable! What a great word! Listening to the voice that leads us is amazing. Thanks to God for leading you in both your situations. What drug was it? Just in case, we are given that med for our Parkinson’s loved one. Hugs to you.

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      1. My sweetie’s in the same boat with the unseen or misguided thoughts. I just want to make sure we don’t push him in the wrong direction. It is bad when the cure is worse than the disease or problem. Thanks for the med’s name. Hugs!!!

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  5. Beautiful thoughts in five minutes!! I am soooo thankful you had a listening heart regarding the Rx. Praise God!! And I love how you were able to help a friend in need.❤️. Thanks for sharing the encouragement!

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      1. Yes we had a 13th birthday party for my daughter and it started at 11:30. I had cake pops and pizza to make before her friends arrived and time was not in my favor…thankfully I did get everything ready just in time and I managed to not burn a thing!!!!😂…but I had to give up blogger chat to make it happen.😕
        Hope you have a great week Cheryl! And that your husband’s health is the best it can be, he has an amazing care giver!!


  6. Wow! Love this post and testimony about your hubby. Good thing you are in tune with the promptings of the Holy Spirit.
    Thanks for sharing.
    Visiting from #48

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  7. Praise be to God, He is our enabler indeed. I’m happy to hear that the Holy Spirit came over you to let you know something was very wrong with that drug. Praise be to God that he enabled you to research the drug, and get in touch with your husbands doctors. Were the doctors able to recommend an alternative drug?
    Visiting from FMF#3

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