Brave Caregivers We!

This past week I spoke with a distant relative, one I see every 4 years or so, and speak with every 6 months or so. We talked for a while, and then she said to me, “You are so brave!” I was not expecting that, nor have I ever thought of myself as brave. “BRAVE”Continue reading “Brave Caregivers We!”

Of Mantras and Music

To encourage and support those who care for a loved one with Parkinson’s Disease or any other chronic or degenerative disease – that is my goal. Of Mantras (a statement or slogan repeated frequently) People ask me how we have made it so long dealing with a disease like PD. My answer is 3 wordsContinue reading “Of Mantras and Music”

Five Minute Friday – PERMISSION

Have you ever had a friend in whose presence you always felt you had to be careful to not offend them? Did you feel you were “walking on eggshells” around them? I have felt that way also. On the other side of the spectrum, I love to be around friends who like me for whoContinue reading “Five Minute Friday – PERMISSION”

The Story of Two Advocates

My goal for this blog has always been to encourage and support those who care for a loved one with a chronic or degenerative disease such as Parkinson’s Disease. And today I would like to do just that by encouraging you to be an advocate for your loved one, especially when they cannot or willContinue reading “The Story of Two Advocates”

Beyond Understanding

I will never fully understand Parkinson’s Disease. Just when I think I do, hubby does something that doesn’t fit that mold I have built in my mind. Perhaps we can never predict a disease that affects the mind because we don’t fully understand how the brain works. How can my intelligent husband who is usuallyContinue reading “Beyond Understanding”