The Pressure of Decisions

My only goal is to encourage and support caregivers, especially those who care for loved ones with chronic or degenerative diseases like Parkinson’s Disease. My credentials are that this was my life for 23 years. I am not a doctor, nor do I play one on television. And I would not presume to diagnose anyone’sContinue reading “The Pressure of Decisions”

Five Minute Friday – QUIET

Some Fridays I respond to a prompt for Christian writers on the website. Here is my response for today’s topic – QUIET. My husband passed into Heaven 5 weeks ago, and when I meet friends, the first thing they ask is “How are you doing?” I usually say something innocuous, and sometimes that isContinue reading “Five Minute Friday – QUIET”

When We Need Help

There may come a time when we cannot give all the care needed for our loved one. As their condition degenerates, sometimes we need professional help. At first it can be scary to invite someone into our home which has become our sanctuary, but there are things we can do to stay safe and makeContinue reading “When We Need Help”

Five Minute Friday – LIFT

When you visit the website, you will find short blog posts written by a community of writers who have chosen to respond to a prompt given only on Fridays. It is a unique idea to unify us around a particular topic, yet celebrate our differences. Feel free to visit the website and sample theseContinue reading “Five Minute Friday – LIFT”

Parkinson’s Disease By Stages

While we are used to hearing doctors frequently classify a diagnosis of cancer by stages, “you have stage 4 colon cancer”, or something similar, it is not often that we hear Parkinson’s described by stages. However, there are published stages that are loosely defined. While going through my husband’s medical notes this past week, IContinue reading “Parkinson’s Disease By Stages”

A Brain Injury

My goal is to encourage and support those who care for a loved one with Parkinson’s Disease or other chronic or degenerative conditions. When my husband was diagnosed with Parkinson’s Disease in June of 2000, many things that had happened in the previous few years made more sense. He had become extremely fatigued after shortContinue reading “A Brain Injury”

Five Minute Friday – SLOW

Today’s prompt from was an easy write. There are 2 slow things that come to my mind. The first is Parkinson’s Disease. Even though I am writing this blog to encourage you who care for someone with a degenerative disease such as Parkinson’s Disease, I am writing to tell you that the fact thatContinue reading “Five Minute Friday – SLOW”