No Regrets

My goal is to encourage and support those who care for someone with a chronic or degenerative disease. That sounds easy, but when you’re there in the trenches, cleaning up messes or explaining things for the third time, or changing a catheter bag, or trying to figure out how to insert an epi-pin, life canContinue reading “No Regrets”

I am more than a Caregiver

We are CAREGIVERS! Here are some truths about us. Truth –   As caregivers we must learn everything we can about the condition or disease that our loved one has. That knowledge will help both us and them in the long run. Truth –   We are constantly adapting our home and our lifestyle to meet theContinue reading “I am more than a Caregiver”

Who Me? Ask for Help?

Many of us pride ourselves in being self-sufficient. We can do this. We are strong, independent caregivers, and we have been doing fine until today. But sometimes we do need help. Sometimes we just cannot do it all by ourselves. In some situations, we feel as if we are in over our heads, and weContinue reading “Who Me? Ask for Help?”