The Boy, the Mole, the Fox, and the Horse

A few weeks ago, I mentioned a book I discovered, “The Boy, the mole, the fox, and the Horse”, by Charlie Mackesy. I showed you an image from the book, and I told you I had ordered it. It finally arrived, and I wanted to tell you more about it. Several of you mentioned to me that you looked over the free pages on, and some of you ordered it. I hope it brings you as much joy as it has me, already.

Here it is, to refresh your memory, along with a photograph of the author:

The premise of the book is that a small boy begins a journey and picks up the 3 animals on the way. Each character is unique, which is an important point. Each has a different skill set – a wonderful life lesson to learn. And each has wisdom to impart to the others – also true in real life. The lessons are understated in such a way that you cannot help but discover them, which is a sneaky way to give a sermon without actually preaching.

I don’t have a favorite part of the book because each time I read it I notice a new nugget of truth, and I find myself ruminating over that newly discovered jewel. The simplicity of the drawings and story totally enhance the lessons found within.

Here is one of my favorite drawings with a lesson that applies to everyone at various times in their life:

When I was caring for my husband, my struggles were just like yours. They were difficult, and occasionally I wanted to give up. Often I needed to remind myself that everyone struggles with something, not just caregivers. We have a tendency at times to say, “poor me”, whether in our thoughts or aloud. And just about the time I say those words, it seems that God places someone in my path whose situation is much worse than mine. I immediately change my inner thoughts to say, “Thank you, God, for MY struggles. I know how to handle my problems, and I wouldn’t want to have THEIRS!”

Don’t give up, my caregiver friends. This stage of your life is not forever. We have heard the saying, “This too shall pass.” And we know it is true. And each time we struggle with something, we can all remember that our struggles are temporary. So, we do not give in to despair.

Instead, we have hope. We have help. We have friends, family, and God who is with us in whatever struggle we’re facing.

Have a great week ahead, and I am praying for each of you, even if I do not know your name.

Published by parkinsonscare

I'm a retired mathematics teacher, mother, and grandmother. I cared for my husband for 23 years, and now he is in Heaven. My new mission in life is to support and encourage caregivers like you!

6 thoughts on “The Boy, the Mole, the Fox, and the Horse

  1. First, thank you for sharing this book several weeks ago. Aaron and I have read it together twice. It’s a jewel, full of so many impacting nuggets of wisdom. And thank you for sharing your life and the many lessons you have learned in your tough times as a caregiver. God has used you in many ways that you won’t know until eternity.

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