My husband, Carlton, was the king of one-liners. He would listen to a conversation between 2 people, and it would seem as if he wasn’t really listening. But then, suddenly, he would interject a pithy statement, a one-liner, that really caused everyone to pause and take notice. He was a deep thinker, and his singular statements prodded those around him to also think deeply.

I love reading that kind of statement because that shows that the speaker is tracking the conversation and can formulate the words to cause ME to think past the surface, deeper than the superficial.

Sometimes I take those weighty statements and make them my home screen on my computer for a while, and every time I read it I think of the speaker, or I smile with a memory.

Today I leave you with 3 such statements that have been important to me lately. In the comments, please let me know which one resonates with you (#1, #2, or #3), and if you have a new one for me, please share it!

Thanks for reading and commenting, and have a great week ahead.

Number One
Number Two
Number Three

Published by parkinsonscare

I'm a retired mathematics teacher, mother, and grandmother. I cared for my husband for 23 years, and now he is in Heaven. My new mission in life is to support and encourage caregivers like you!

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