Sometimes while caring for someone with a degenerative disease, we have occasion to doubt ourselves. To think we are the wrong person for the job. To think God must have made a mistake – surely someone else could do better. After all, we are so imperfect. Our loved one is not getting better. (We knewContinue reading “I AM ENOUGH”

The Pressure of Decisions

My only goal is to encourage and support caregivers, especially those who care for loved ones with chronic or degenerative diseases like Parkinson’s Disease. My credentials are that this was my life for 23 years. I am not a doctor, nor do I play one on television. And I would not presume to diagnose anyone’sContinue reading “The Pressure of Decisions”

You are Braver than You Think!

Last Christmas my daughter gave me a daily flip calendar with encouraging says on each page. It is perfect for caregivers. As I have flipped to the new page each day, I have breathed new energy into my heart and mind from those quotes. Many have seemed to be written just for me and justContinue reading “You are Braver than You Think!”

Five Minute Friday – “SHE”

Today’s writing is in response to 2 requests – fiveminutefriday.com, which is what I usually write about on Friday, and this blog post invitation of my friend, Chuck Copps, to write about my favorite Bible character. Mary, the mother of Jesus, is my favorite character. When I was teaching high school mathematics, my life wasContinue reading “Five Minute Friday – “SHE””

Brave Caregivers We!

This past week I spoke with a distant relative, one I see every 4 years or so, and speak with every 6 months or so. We talked for a while, and then she said to me, “You are so brave!” I was not expecting that, nor have I ever thought of myself as brave. “BRAVE”Continue reading “Brave Caregivers We!”