Happy Double Anniversary

The first anniversary has been in the news this week, especially on Thursday, when our President spoke about it in his first primetime address to the country. In one respect this is not an anniversary we are pleased to celebrate – one year of the pandemic called COVID-19. We have been through a year ofContinue reading “Happy Double Anniversary”

The Longest Year Ever

The year 2020 will go down in history, at least in MY version of history, as the longest year ever. Before I write my next blog post we will pass the half-year mark, but it feels as if we’ve lived at least 3 years in these last 6 months. Are you feeling the same way?Continue reading “The Longest Year Ever”

Need New Things to Do

Just so you don’t misunderstand me, there is plenty to do at my house. There are closets to clean out, drawers to reorganize, a garage that we really need to totally empty, and a million more little things that we could and should do. And I am doing a some of those organizational tasks whenContinue reading “Need New Things to Do”

Escaping COVID-19

This is the most common story in the news every time we tune into our favorite media outlet. It is the topic of conversation at every meeting, whether in person or on Zoom. Sometimes it seems to be the only thing on everyone’s mind. As a caregiver to someone with a degenerative and/or chronic illness,Continue reading “Escaping COVID-19”

In Between

This is the most difficult place to be, in between 2 things. Today I am thinking of this time between being diagnosed with a disease or condition, and the end of life. (I promise to not get morbid!)   But the truth is that we are here. Our loved one has been diagnosed. Mine hasContinue reading “In Between”

Life is not on PAUSE

Today may feel as if someone has hit the “pause” button. We may feel as if we are in “reset” mode, almost as if life is standing still. But we all know that time does march on. We will never be this age again; we will never have the opportunity to do today over. LifeContinue reading “Life is not on PAUSE”

What to do in a CRISIS

This is the 9th day since hubby was tested for COVID-19, and we still do not have the official results. My unofficial diagnosis is that he does NOT have the coronavirus, mostly because his symptoms are not consistent with that virus. Instead, we discovered that he likely has an infection that is treatable with antibiotics,Continue reading “What to do in a CRISIS”

My Emotional Rollercoaster

As a blogger, I struggle with how much of myself to reveal to you each week. How vulnerable should I be? How much of my real-life should I divulge in my writing? These questions plague me as I labor over each word and strive to support and encourage each of you as you care forContinue reading “My Emotional Rollercoaster”

When the World Changes Suddenly

My screensaver last week said, “Be thankful for today, because in one moment, your entire life could change.” I didn’t realize how true that was, until the coronavirus. Please don’t panic. It has not hit our house. But hasn’t the world changed in just this last week? I think of school closings, church closings, sportsContinue reading “When the World Changes Suddenly”