Quality of Life

In the 3.5 years of writing this blog, I have never specifically written on “quality of life” or QoL, until now. According to Google.com, quality of life means “the standard of health, comfort, and happiness experienced by an individual or group.” For Carlton and I, during his time with Parkinson’s Disease, our goal was toContinue reading “Quality of Life”

The Eye and Brain Connection

This week I read an article and watched a video* by a lady who provides a great explanation for several behaviors I have noticed with my husband. Her specialty is training those who care for dementia patients, so at first, I was going to pass on the article. But when I realized she was talkingContinue reading “The Eye and Brain Connection”

Beyond Understanding

I will never fully understand Parkinson’s Disease. Just when I think I do, hubby does something that doesn’t fit that mold I have built in my mind. Perhaps we can never predict a disease that affects the mind because we don’t fully understand how the brain works. How can my intelligent husband who is usuallyContinue reading “Beyond Understanding”

Always Learning Something New

We are nearly 2 weeks post-hospital, and we are making slow progress. My estimation is that we lost 6 months while being in the hospital for 5 days. We may not get back to hubby’s pre-hospital condition. However, I am not discouraged. Life happens. Instead, I want to encourage you and support you in whateverContinue reading “Always Learning Something New”

It’s Getting Quiet at our House

The purpose of this blog is to encourage and support those who care for someone with a chronic disease. For us, that disease is Parkinson’s. Sometimes I hesitate to “tell it like it really is” at our house because I don’t want to complain because it means I am being vulnerable, and because I don’tContinue reading “It’s Getting Quiet at our House”

Things I Learned This Week

Have you ever sat through a workshop or lecture and come away with a mountain of information, needing time to process it all, yet having to jump into reality right away? And then the next day going to a different workshop or lecture, only to find out MORE information, yet not really having time toContinue reading “Things I Learned This Week”