The Fine Line

As caregivers, we know that we walk a fine line most of the time. We are constantly making decisions between 2 things, some of which are consequential, and others that are trivial. And at times it is exhausting! We must decide:           How much to assist our loved one. Should we let them dress themselves,Continue reading “The Fine Line”

Quality of Life

In the 3.5 years of writing this blog, I have never specifically written on “quality of life” or QoL, until now. According to, quality of life means “the standard of health, comfort, and happiness experienced by an individual or group.” For Carlton and I, during his time with Parkinson’s Disease, our goal was toContinue reading “Quality of Life”

What? Another New Symptom?

What do we do when a new symptom or difficulty appears? There were so many that I stopped counting: dry eyes, drooling, double vision, lack of facial expression, softer speech, smaller handwriting, and the list goes on and on. Today I’d like to choose one and tell you how we handled it from the dayContinue reading “What? Another New Symptom?”

Oh No! Another Symptom?

Sometimes it seems that every day with Parkinson’s Disease brings a new symptom – falling, choking, skin problems, bathroom problems, cognitive decline. And the list goes on! Feeling overwhelmed by all of this? I did. Whether we have been on this Parkinson’s journey 25 days or 25 years, it can become all-consuming. When each newContinue reading “Oh No! Another Symptom?”


This is week #2 in our Happy Third Birthday Month! This week’s free handout is a form we can use to keep notes during or after doctor visits. Just email me for your free copy! As always, my goal is to support and encourage those who care for a loved one with a chronicContinue reading “STAND UP”

The Pressure of Decisions

My only goal is to encourage and support caregivers, especially those who care for loved ones with chronic or degenerative diseases like Parkinson’s Disease. My credentials are that this was my life for 23 years. I am not a doctor, nor do I play one on television. And I would not presume to diagnose anyone’sContinue reading “The Pressure of Decisions”

I wish I could tell you . . .

The purpose of this blog is to encourage and support those of you who care for someone with a chronic or degenerative disease. But the truth is that I receive encouragement and support from you, my friends, more than I feel I give. It is really true that in giving, I receive. I wish thereContinue reading “I wish I could tell you . . .”

Making Medical Decisions

I am not a nurse, nor do I have any medical training. Instead, I am just the spouse of a man who has advanced Parkinson’s Disease. If you do have medical training of any kind and you are a caregiver, you are ahead of the game. Count yourself blessed! Since I have little frame ofContinue reading “Making Medical Decisions”

Giving and Taking Advice

Which are you better at? Giving advice or taking advice? This past week I found myself doing a little bit of both. As I write to you today, my fellow caregivers, my prayer is that you will be encouraged and realize that many others have walked this care-giving road before, and we are all hereContinue reading “Giving and Taking Advice”

We are Advocates

When we care for someone, we have their best interest at heart. We want to see them function at their fullest, we want to see them comfortable, and we want them to be as content and happy as possible. It is what we do. We are caregivers. Those are our main objectives, just as theContinue reading “We are Advocates”