HOPE after Darkness

Today is Saturday before Easter. If we place ourselves back in time, we realize that Jesus is dead, and the disciples are devastated. What should they do now? Jesus was their hope, their Savior. Yet, He was dead. Some call this day, “Silent Saturday” because God in Heaven was silent. However, we know from historyContinue reading “HOPE after Darkness”

Five Minute Friday – SLOW

Today’s prompt from fiveminutefriday.com was an easy write. There are 2 slow things that come to my mind. The first is Parkinson’s Disease. Even though I am writing this blog to encourage you who care for someone with a degenerative disease such as Parkinson’s Disease, I am writing to tell you that the fact thatContinue reading “Five Minute Friday – SLOW”

Five Minute Friday – “SHE”

Today’s writing is in response to 2 requests – fiveminutefriday.com, which is what I usually write about on Friday, and this blog post invitation of my friend, Chuck Copps, to write about my favorite Bible character. Mary, the mother of Jesus, is my favorite character. When I was teaching high school mathematics, my life wasContinue reading “Five Minute Friday – “SHE””

Five Minute Friday – REDEEM

Being a “baby boomer”, my first thought upon seeing the topic was GREEN STAMPS! I grew up in a lower middle class home where we saved S&H green stamps and yellow TV stamps religiously. It was my job every Sunday afternoon to lick the stamps in put them in the saver booklets. After that, itContinue reading “Five Minute Friday – REDEEM”

Five Minute Friday #2 – OBSERVANT

As a caregiver to my husband with advanced Parkinson’s Disease, I must be observant to every little change in his condition. Something small left unchecked can grow into something serious. So, being observant is part of my everyday routine surrounding his body and personal care. But what about his spirit? What about his emotional andContinue reading “Five Minute Friday #2 – OBSERVANT”