Quality of Life

In the 3.5 years of writing this blog, I have never specifically written on “quality of life” or QoL, until now. According to Google.com, quality of life means “the standard of health, comfort, and happiness experienced by an individual or group.” For Carlton and I, during his time with Parkinson’s Disease, our goal was toContinue reading “Quality of Life”

The Impossible becomes Possible

As I read the Advent devotional each morning during this time of year, I am struck with the reminder that “With God all things are possible.” (Luke 1:37) That was God’s promise to Elizabeth and Zachariah when the angel told them they would have a son whom we call John the Baptist. That was God’sContinue reading “The Impossible becomes Possible”

The Eye and Brain Connection

This week I read an article and watched a video* by a lady who provides a great explanation for several behaviors I have noticed with my husband. Her specialty is training those who care for dementia patients, so at first, I was going to pass on the article. But when I realized she was talkingContinue reading “The Eye and Brain Connection”

Of Mantras and Music

To encourage and support those who care for a loved one with Parkinson’s Disease or any other chronic or degenerative disease – that is my goal. Of Mantras (a statement or slogan repeated frequently) People ask me how we have made it so long dealing with a disease like PD. My answer is 3 wordsContinue reading “Of Mantras and Music”

The Story of Two Advocates

My goal for this blog has always been to encourage and support those who care for a loved one with a chronic or degenerative disease such as Parkinson’s Disease. And today I would like to do just that by encouraging you to be an advocate for your loved one, especially when they cannot or willContinue reading “The Story of Two Advocates”

Beyond Understanding

I will never fully understand Parkinson’s Disease. Just when I think I do, hubby does something that doesn’t fit that mold I have built in my mind. Perhaps we can never predict a disease that affects the mind because we don’t fully understand how the brain works. How can my intelligent husband who is usuallyContinue reading “Beyond Understanding”

Not a Professional

I don’t get paid to be a caregiver. I have no special training to do this. So I really cannot claim to be a professional caregiver. Saying that makes me feel better, especially in situations when I really don’t know what to do. But I know my husband of 48 years better than anyone onContinue reading “Not a Professional”

Hallucinations and Delusions

“More than 50% of those taking carbidopa-levodopa may experience psychosis“ according to Stanford Medical School. We can officially declare that we are in that 50%. It is not a pretty place to be. It is not comfortable for this caregiver, nor is it comfortable for my husband. In our 48 years of marriage, I haveContinue reading “Hallucinations and Delusions”

One Very Bad Day

Sometimes life goes along at a steady pace and we think all is well until BOOM! Something catastrophic occurs: a hurricane, an earthquake, an accident, a bad medical diagnosis, or political upheaval. Any of these or countless other events, can cause one to have a very bad day. But for us as caregivers, it doesn’tContinue reading “One Very Bad Day”

Is it Real?

Hubby insisted that a tiny black smudge on the grout of the bathtub was really a bug! He even asked for a magnifying glass to count the legs on it. Seriously! And no amount of trying to talk him through it would satisfy him. This is year 21 of Parkinson’s Disease, and I hear aboutContinue reading “Is it Real?”