On the First Day after Christmas

Many years ago, my husband was choral director at a local high school, and one of the songs he chose for the Christmas concert that year was titled “The Twelve Days AFTER Christmas.” It was a cute song that the kids loved to sing. The first line went like this: “On the first day afterContinue reading “On the First Day after Christmas”

Five Minute Friday – GREEN

It has been a wonderfully long and fun-filled day, and I am finally getting to my Five Minute Friday assignment. Enjoy! The first things that came to my mind were: “It’s not easy being green.” – Kermit the Frog “Green Eggs and Ham” – Dr. Seuss “I want a green birthday.” – Will Ayers, myContinue reading “Five Minute Friday – GREEN”

Finishing 2020

If I keep to my regular schedule, the next blog post I write will be on the day after Christmas. Here is the list of possible topics if I want to write about Christmas today: What if this is my last Christmas? What if this is hubby’s last Christmas? What does Christmas mean to me?Continue reading “Finishing 2020”

Keep Making Memories

Sometimes I get lost in my own thoughts while analyzing life. Sometimes I get bogged down under the weight of making all the decisions in our household. And sometimes the way ahead does not seem clear. At those times I also go back to what I know to be true. Regarding this blog, I keepContinue reading “Keep Making Memories”

Is Thanksgiving Over?

As the fall decorations came down last night, I noticed that many of them said “Give Thanks”, or “Happy Thanksgiving”, even though they have been up since early October. I love this time of year when the leaves change, and we remember to give thanks to God who made us. Looking back at previous blogContinue reading “Is Thanksgiving Over?”

Holiday Thoughts

Today I’m thinking about 2 things – decorating my home for the holidays and giving gifts. It’s possible I might be a little behind in both of those tasks, but I’m not worried. Living with a spouse with a chronic disease means that sometimes there are more pressing matters. I hope even that sentiment encouragesContinue reading “Holiday Thoughts”

Giving Thanks, No Matter What

With Thanksgiving only 2 days behind us, I am determined to be thankful today even though I got very little sleep last night, there are dark clouds moving quickly overhead, and I haven’t purchased even one Christmas present yet! I am thankful for life, for a comfortable home, for a loving family and friends whoContinue reading “Giving Thanks, No Matter What”