What to do when the Lights Go Out!

The purpose of my blog is always to encourage and support those who care for a loved one with Parkinson’s Disease or some other chronic or degenerative disease. This week I bring you observations from a power outage. In the area where I live, we lose power about once a week. Usually it is justContinue reading “What to do when the Lights Go Out!”

Holiday Thoughts

Today I’m thinking about 2 things – decorating my home for the holidays and giving gifts. It’s possible I might be a little behind in both of those tasks, but I’m not worried. Living with a spouse with a chronic disease means that sometimes there are more pressing matters. I hope even that sentiment encouragesContinue reading “Holiday Thoughts”

Lights – Kitchens – Medications

Let’s get down to where we live today. It’s time to be very practical. There are 2 reasons that Parkinson’s patients may have double vision or difficulty seeing. The muscles in their eyes grow weaker, and this disease affects the brain which controls the eyes. However, many of us have difficulty with our eyes asContinue reading “Lights – Kitchens – Medications”