Ten Things I have Learned from Parkinson’s

It is no secret that there are good days as well as difficult days for us as caregivers. Some days life moves along with very few minor bumps in the road. But then there are those other days when we just want to give up. I have had both, and I’m sure you have also.Continue reading “Ten Things I have Learned from Parkinson’s”

Quality of Life

In the 3.5 years of writing this blog, I have never specifically written on “quality of life” or QoL, until now. According to Google.com, quality of life means “the standard of health, comfort, and happiness experienced by an individual or group.” For Carlton and I, during his time with Parkinson’s Disease, our goal was toContinue reading “Quality of Life”

TRAUMA – Part Two

Thank you to those of you who commented on last week’s post. You gave me some great ideas and reminded me of other things I wanted to mention about trauma. First – your trauma is not exactly the same as my trauma, just as your situation is not exactly the same as mine. We mayContinue reading “TRAUMA – Part Two”

Five Minute Friday #2 – OBSERVANT

As a caregiver to my husband with advanced Parkinson’s Disease, I must be observant to every little change in his condition. Something small left unchecked can grow into something serious. So, being observant is part of my everyday routine surrounding his body and personal care. But what about his spirit? What about his emotional andContinue reading “Five Minute Friday #2 – OBSERVANT”

Anticipatory Grief – Part 3

This is the last blog on this topic, inspired by an article of the same name. The first two posts are found below. While the topic is sometimes considered sad or even dark, my goal is to support and encourage those who care for a loved one with a chronic or degenerative disease such asContinue reading “Anticipatory Grief – Part 3”

Anticipatory Grief – Part 2

In last week’s blog, “Anticipatory Grief”, we barely scratched the surface of the topic. And it is possible we came away with more questions than answers. (That post can be found below this one and was inspired by reading this article.) For me, this is a confusing time of my life. My husband of 48Continue reading “Anticipatory Grief – Part 2”

Is it Real?

Hubby insisted that a tiny black smudge on the grout of the bathtub was really a bug! He even asked for a magnifying glass to count the legs on it. Seriously! And no amount of trying to talk him through it would satisfy him. This is year 21 of Parkinson’s Disease, and I hear aboutContinue reading “Is it Real?”

Caregiver Guilt

While caring for my husband who has Parkinson’s Disease, I am constantly faced with the realization that I am not perfect. There are many times I feel like I’m just not cut out for this job because I cannot get everything right. That leads to feelings of guilt. Caregiver guilt. We know we have CaregiverContinue reading “Caregiver Guilt”

An Adventure a Day Keeps the Monotony Away!

How was your day yesterday? Think back. What did you do? Did you have any fun time? Any “me time”? Is it hard to remember anything other than caregiving? Some days seem to be 99% routine. Don’t get me wrong. Routines are great. They are necessary for some of us. Is your morning routine anythingContinue reading “An Adventure a Day Keeps the Monotony Away!”

Living on an Island

I have always wondered what it would be like to live on an island – the kind where the only access was a ferry. Maybe this would be a private island whose only structure was my house. Whatever I wanted in terms of supplies would have to be carried in on the ferry. And ifContinue reading “Living on an Island”