Peace in the Storm

Real life is full of storms. It’s a fact that we cannot escape no matter how much money we have, how much education we have, who our ancestors are, or how big our house might be. Storms will come. Disease brings storms, difficulties, messy situations, frustration, and even chaos. And the longer the disease lasts,Continue reading “Peace in the Storm”

An Attitude Adjustment

If you know me personally, you know I have always had trouble with my attitude. Yes, sometimes my attitude needs an adjustment of some sort. Perhaps that is why I began this blog almost 2 ½ years ago. Talking about how I feel as caregiver to my husband who has had Parkinson’s Disease for aboutContinue reading “An Attitude Adjustment”

Caregiving is a Marathon

What do these things have in common: Learning to play the piano Growing a beard Repairing the damage of the fire at Notre Dame Growing an oak tree from an acorn Watching a baby grow into adulthood Caring for a loved one from diagnosis to end of life If your answer was “TIME”, then weContinue reading “Caregiving is a Marathon”