On the First Day after Christmas

Many years ago, my husband was choral director at a local high school, and one of the songs he chose for the Christmas concert that year was titled “The Twelve Days AFTER Christmas.” It was a cute song that the kids loved to sing. The first line went like this: “On the first day afterContinue reading “On the First Day after Christmas”

Who Me? Ask for Help?

Many of us pride ourselves in being self-sufficient. We can do this. We are strong, independent caregivers, and we have been doing fine until today. But sometimes we do need help. Sometimes we just cannot do it all by ourselves. In some situations, we feel as if we are in over our heads, and weContinue reading “Who Me? Ask for Help?”

Five Minute Friday – POSSIBLE

Now this is a topic that made me smile. The possibilities are endless! It’s nearly Spring – filled with new life, new experiences, new weather, new color, new opportunities. We are at a turning point in this pandemic – there is hope of finally getting to see friends and family face to face, finally daringContinue reading “Five Minute Friday – POSSIBLE”