The Dreams on the Back Burner

As a caregiver, your time right now is not your own. I remember that time. I would sit down to do something I really enjoyed, get into it barely, and then hubby would call my name. He needed to go to the bathroom. My time for ME was over. I would take a quiet momentContinue reading “The Dreams on the Back Burner”

On the First Day after Christmas

Many years ago, my husband was choral director at a local high school, and one of the songs he chose for the Christmas concert that year was titled “The Twelve Days AFTER Christmas.” It was a cute song that the kids loved to sing. The first line went like this: “On the first day afterContinue reading “On the First Day after Christmas”

Five Minute Friday – POSSIBLE

Now this is a topic that made me smile. The possibilities are endless! It’s nearly Spring – filled with new life, new experiences, new weather, new color, new opportunities. We are at a turning point in this pandemic – there is hope of finally getting to see friends and family face to face, finally daringContinue reading “Five Minute Friday – POSSIBLE”