Fixing Freezing and Festination Last week we decided our biggest problem for people with Parkinson’s Disease was mobility, specifically freezing, falling, and festination. Today we need solutions! PROBLEM #1 – Festination           This is the tendency to walk on the balls of the feet which causes the steps to gradually become shorter. Eventually, our lovedContinue reading “MOBILITY SOLUTIONS #1”

Parkinson’s Disease By Stages

While we are used to hearing doctors frequently classify a diagnosis of cancer by stages, “you have stage 4 colon cancer”, or something similar, it is not often that we hear Parkinson’s described by stages. However, there are published stages that are loosely defined. While going through my husband’s medical notes this past week, IContinue reading “Parkinson’s Disease By Stages”

Five Minute Friday – SLOW

Today’s prompt from was an easy write. There are 2 slow things that come to my mind. The first is Parkinson’s Disease. Even though I am writing this blog to encourage you who care for someone with a degenerative disease such as Parkinson’s Disease, I am writing to tell you that the fact thatContinue reading “Five Minute Friday – SLOW”