Oh No! Another Symptom?

Sometimes it seems that every day with Parkinson’s Disease brings a new symptom – falling, choking, skin problems, bathroom problems, cognitive decline. And the list goes on! Feeling overwhelmed by all of this? I did. Whether we have been on this Parkinson’s journey 25 days or 25 years, it can become all-consuming. When each newContinue reading “Oh No! Another Symptom?”

Is there a Solution for Every Problem?

When I retired from teaching high school mathematics 5 years ago, I would have answered that question with a resounding YES! Today, I’m not so sure. From the perspective of the caregiver of a loved one with a degenerative disease, many problems that we encounter can only TOTALLY be solved with the curing of theContinue reading “Is there a Solution for Every Problem?”

Life is Like a Bowl of Problems

There are few things certain in this life. Some say “death and taxes.” I believe there is one more to add – problems. As an adult we quickly learn that life seldom goes smoothly or as planned. When living with someone with a chronic disease, life can seem like one problem after another. We quicklyContinue reading “Life is Like a Bowl of Problems”