The Ideal Care Team

Even though today’s blog is a wish list, my goal is always to support and encourage you who care for someone with Parkinson’s Disease or any other illness or condition. The inspiration for this blog comes from a recent issue of “The Fox Focus – Living with Parkinson’s”, the Fall/Winter 2019 edition, published by theContinue reading “The Ideal Care Team”

The Tip of the Iceberg

We have all heard the old saying “What you see is what you get.” And in many cases that is true. But it is not true with Parkinson’s Disease. You may think this is a disease where the patient shakes all the time. That’s what I always thought. And on the surface, that may beContinue reading “The Tip of the Iceberg”

Four Little Things

Notebooks, Boards, Visitors, and Blogs #1 One of the best pieces of advice we were given when my husband was diagnosed with Parkinson’s Disease was this: keep a medical notebook. Take notes every time you go to the doctor because sometimes it’s hard to remember what they have said when you get home. This adviceContinue reading “Four Little Things”

Exercise and Singing

I truly enjoy my email subscription to and the varied articles they send me. Some articles are highly technical, some are practical, and some are personal. So, I comb through them for things to share with you. A recent article was about exercise, especially its benefits to all stages of persons with Parkinson’s Disease.Continue reading “Exercise and Singing”

5 Things to Remember about Parkinson’s Disease

This week I have been interested in several different videos and articles that have been sent to me, so I have put them all together for your reading and watching pleasure.   1.The most common drug to treat PD is levodopa. What does Levadopa really do? Why is it paired with Carbidopa? Here’s a shortContinue reading “5 Things to Remember about Parkinson’s Disease”

The Many Faces of Caregiving

Just as is true in most occupations, the job of caregiving has many faces. Think about throwing the dice. Each time you throw, a face appears with a number. So it is that with each new event in our daily life as caregivers, we may need a different face, depending on the event. Spouse/Partner isContinue reading “The Many Faces of Caregiving”

PD in the News

It is reassuring to know that the quantity of research surrounding Parkinson’s Disease is increasing every day. More aspects of the disease are being studied and more non-motor symptoms being considered. Besides the scientific aspect of PD, more people are blogging about the disease every day. In case you don’t have time to read themContinue reading “PD in the News”

Mealtime with Parkinson’s

On this journey we have been through various stages of difficulty in eating. Looking back, I see the stages more clearly. At the beginning – there was no difficulty. Eating was pleasurable and easy, and  I took that for granted. Then suddenly, right after a change in PD medication, my husband said his favorite dishesContinue reading “Mealtime with Parkinson’s”