Happy Birthday Thankfulness

On this day, March 5, 2022, we have so much for which to be thankful, and that’s a great way to begin our day. Here is a snippet from my personal list. First, I am thankful for my parents who gave birth to me 71 years ago today! Yes, you read that correctly. Today isContinue reading “Happy Birthday Thankfulness”

Let’s Write a Book

Good morning, friends, Since we are writing a book about Parkinson’s, we will begin with the diagnosis. Would you like to give some input? I would love to hear about your experiences and your responses to these questions: When you received the diagnosis, what was your first thought? What was your first question either toContinue reading “Let’s Write a Book”

Five Minute Friday – “SHE”

Today’s writing is in response to 2 requests – fiveminutefriday.com, which is what I usually write about on Friday, and this blog post invitation of my friend, Chuck Copps, to write about my favorite Bible character. Mary, the mother of Jesus, is my favorite character. When I was teaching high school mathematics, my life wasContinue reading “Five Minute Friday – “SHE””

Five Minute Friday – something new

Today is a test case to try something new. I have been challenged to write for 5 minutes each Friday by using a prompt from a website called “Five Minute Friday”. This will not replace our regular weekend Parkinson’s support post, but this will be an addition. One more important thing to note is thatContinue reading “Five Minute Friday – something new”