Exercise and Singing

I truly enjoy my email subscription to parkinsonsnewstoday.com and the varied articles they send me. Some articles are highly technical, some are practical, and some are personal. So, I comb through them for things to share with you. A recent article was about exercise, especially its benefits to all stages of persons with Parkinson’s Disease.Continue reading “Exercise and Singing”

5 Things to Remember about Parkinson’s Disease

This week I have been interested in several different videos and articles that have been sent to me, so I have put them all together for your reading and watching pleasure.   1.The most common drug to treat PD is levodopa. What does Levadopa really do? Why is it paired with Carbidopa? Here’s a shortContinue reading “5 Things to Remember about Parkinson’s Disease”

Holidays, Stress, and the PD Patient

Too many people. Too much rushing around. Too many choices. Too much traveling. Out of my regular routine. Out of my regular surroundings. Out of my comfort zone. Stress comes in many shapes and sizes, but we all have it. For people with Parkinson’s disease (PD), stress can bring on or worsen their symptoms. AddedContinue reading “Holidays, Stress, and the PD Patient”