5 Things to Remember about Parkinson’s Disease

This week I have been interested in several different videos and articles that have been sent to me, so I have put them all together for your reading and watching pleasure.

  1.The most common drug to treat PD is levodopa. What does Levadopa really do? Why is it paired with Carbidopa? Here’s a short video that gives us the scoop!

  2. Exercise really does help with movement. This is not news to us, but here on some interesting ideas to make exercise more fun:

a. Try a treadmill with varying inclines and surfaces. This article tells how it helps with gait.

b. We like this YouTube video because it’s fun for both of us.

c. And we heard about a live-streamed presentation on increasing the effectiveness of your exercise routine. (I’m going to check this one out because it sounds like an extension of “BIG AND LOUD”!) Notice that this presentation will be available later online for those who cannot watch live today.

  3. Parkinson’s Disease affects more than just movement. This disease puts a strain on relationships, and it can cause increased frustration on the part of the patient and the caregiver. The author of this article is a lady with Parkinson’s whose blog I follow. Sometimes her writing helps me to know how my husband may be thinking. This particular blog post begins with the negative side of the relational effects of PD, and it ends with great suggestions for keeping connected to our spouse. (We tried the one about sitting on the porch, but instead of watching people, we watched birds!)

  4. Food and drink affect medication effectiveness as well as other non-motor symptoms. Here is an interesting article about changing eating habits and medication times for optimum benefit from carbidopa/levodopa, and also how diet affects constipation – a huge problem in advanced PD. Speaking of medications, this website offers a handy free printable medication management chart. I made my own, but I like this one even better! Enjoy.

  5. There is encouraging news when we see the volume of research into the causes and effects of Parkinson’s Disease. Many organizations are working tirelessly to find cures, find causes, and find ways of helping patients and us, the caregivers. Here is the newsfeed that is the source of many of the articles in this post. I hope you’ll sign up to stay current on PD news. In the middle of the page, you’ll see “Sign up for our mailing list.”

So do not lose hope, my friend. A cure may come during our lifetime. If not, we can be assured that many more aids in coping with PD will be found. Stay connected to your support system, your healthcare professionals, and this blog.

Did you know that more people are reading and writing than ever before? Who knew there were so many blogs online and so many people who are passionate about something? And they write for many different reasons and on such varied topics!

It is important to me that you know the purpose of this blog is to support and encourage those who care for a patient with Parkinson’s Disease. That is my passion. That is my goal.

Thank you for reading, and please feel free to comment and share below.

Published by parkinsonscare

I'm a retired mathematics teacher, mother, and grandmother. I cared for my husband for 23 years, and now he is in Heaven. My new mission in life is to support and encourage caregivers like you!

4 thoughts on “5 Things to Remember about Parkinson’s Disease

  1. Hi Cheryl,
    The amount of information compiled in this blog is fantastic. Your passion and mission show through without a doubt! I am so grateful that you have the desire to write. You have my heartfelt thanks!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks, JoLynn. You and others constantly remind me that I am not alone and that there is hope for better medications, and new technology, so I’m glad I can pass it on. Thank you for reading. I’m so glad we have each other to help us on this journey.


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